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In today’s business environment it is essential for people to be able to communicate to their peers and managers clearly but also to deliver material in a way that keeps the listeners interested and attentive. People are required to communicate on conference calls, presentations, after dinner speeches and too often they can be flustered, under-prepared or worst still boring! The result of which is that communications are being missed or the importance or the message is being lost. The solution to ensuring that your communications are being delivered and received well is by providing the appropriate training for your staff to give them the skills and ability to present to an audience appropriately.

DSA Corporate has a unique approach to give your staff these skills using it’s own actor training system called “The Process”. A lot of the problems that add up to a bad presentation can be easily avoided with the correct training. Elements that effect a ‘performance’ include:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of clarity of voice or being inaudible
  • Inability to project voice sufficiently to the required audience
  • Speaker’s subject material Lack of understanding of the audience
  • Poor time-keeping
  • Lack of awareness of the timeframe of the presentation

Acting training tackles a great deal of these elements and enable actors to ‘present’ their ideas on stage and this is why our approach is perfect and enables your staff to ‘perform’ at their best when presenting to their audience.

So how does “The Process” make a difference?

Using ‘The Four Principles’ the speaker is prepared so that they can approach the presentation without fear. This is a fundamental aspect of the approach as it gives them the confidence to present to in front of an audience of any size.


DSA Corporate will come to your venue and run the course for your delegates.

DSA can host your event, please contact us for further details and prices.


  • Vocal training is essential to ensure that the speaker can be heard and the course provides exercises to develop their ability to be heard and clarity of diction.
  • ‘The Pathway’ gives the speaker the tools to plan their speech and find a logical route through their notes to create a flowing and interesting presentation that delivers the key elements of their communication.
  • ‘Levels of Tension & Performance’ allow the speaker to understand the appropriate energy levels to deliver to different audiences and presentation types.
  • The fundamental elements of actor training offer course attendees with the framework to create presentations and the tools to speak and present to an audience with confidence and clarity.



The cost of the course is £1950 +vat per day (up to 4 delegates) and £2950 +vat per day (up to 10 delegates) plus travel and accommodation expenses where necessary.


The Team

James Bowden – Trained as an Actor at Rose Bruford College and worked as an actor for 15 years in London’s West End and TV. He retrained to become a teacher of adults at The Institute of Education, London. He has delivered training sessions to teachers and co-founded The Dorset School of Acting.

Laura Roxburgh – Worked as a professional actor working on television and stage for 13 years. Laura was trained by world renowned vocal coach Mary Hammond and has taught voice at The Dorset School of Acting which she co founded with James.

What to expect

Delegates are thrown in at the deep end on this 2 day course. They start by delivering their presentations in front of the group and watch their filmed ‘performance’. They are then invited to critique their work and the work of their fellow delegates. Once they have seen what their personal challenges are the delegates then partake in a number of exercises and activities designed to develop their ‘performance’ skills including vocal training.

Choosing their material and working on the ‘script’ of their presentation is the next step. Delegates will be instructed how to construct an interesting presentation/ speech using their own work. They will create a 15 minute ‘mini’ presentation/ speech and will discover how understanding different learning styles can make their material accessible for an audience.

The course culminates in a ‘performance’. The delegates will ‘perform’ their presentation/ speech in a mini conference which will be recorded and have the opportunity to watch themselves deliver and see the improvement.

At the end of the course they will have a set of skills that they will be able to utilise and transfer into any form of presentation or speech.

Bespoke Training

This presentation course can run extent or as part of an already existing business module.

If you require a course of a different length/ focus please contact us so we can develop the right course for you.


If you are interested in booking a course please CONTACT US.