The Process

The Dorset School of Acting’s has an innovative and fearless approach to training. It is the only school that uses “The Process”, DSA’s own systematical approach to the art and craft of the actor. Whether in classic and contemporary acting or musical theatre “The Process” is used in all three disciplines of Acting, Singing and Dance. Whilst using the fundamental elements of Stanislavski, Meisner, Laban and some aspects of The Method, it is “The Process” that really is the key to producing truthful performers. James Bowden regularly teaches his ‘Process’ at The Actors Centre, London, training professional actors who have appeared in films & TV productions such as Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Dr. Strange and Hollyoaks. .

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James’ book ‘The Process – the secret to truthful acting’ is now available to buy at AMAZON

“This book really is a must for every actor. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It might be a small book but it packs a very big punch.” 5 STARS

“A very insightful and enjoyable read. Straight to the point and the right amount of detail.” 5 STARS


Students' talent is nurtured whilst at DSA, creating the next generation of great and successful performers. Our philosophy is that we create working actors who are fully prepared for the realities of a tough industry.


Full time training courses focus on actor training in both acting and musical theatre.The foundation course helps students create a portfolio for auditioning for further professional training whilst the accelerated course guides students in audition and creating their own work for the industry.


As employment is the ultimate goal of every actor the DSA guarantees it's 2 year course graduate students the opportunity to join a co-operative actor's agency.