Online acting course (8 weeks)


With our online acting course, The Dorset School of Acting uses it’s own successful approach to creating truthful emotion called The Process and this is what will be used on this 8 week online course.  It is a systematic approach to acting that guarantees truthful emotions and a full connection to the life and world of a character.

From a full body warm up to performing your monologue for your class via Zoom, this course is suitable for all levels.  Whether you’re new to acting and don’t know where to start or a seasoned professional who wants to consistently deliver emotionally truthful performances, this course gives you all the tools you need.

You’ll be provided with a choice of monologues which you will work through during the course or, if you prefer, you can work on one of your own choice.  You’ll learn how to break down the script and find the emotional truth of your character using a range of different videos and audios which you will be able to access at your own pace and in your own time.

Once you feel your monologue is ready, you will be able to send a video of your performance for James to evaluate.  He will then send you a his videoed feedback with further guidance.

There will also be two Zoom sessions that will be scheduled to accommodate the majority of time zones.  One will be around half way through the course for students to ask questions directly to James and to chat between themselves to discuss their progress.  The second Zoom will be at the end of the course offering students the opportunity to perform their monologues live in front of an audience.  These sessions will be recorded so anyone who cannot attend or misses them can catch up in their own time.

If you would like to apply for our online acting course you just need to click the APPLY button at the bottom of this page, complete and submit the form and we will be in touch with available start dates.


8 weeks




Two scheduled Zoom sessions


  • In class videos
  • Provision of monologues & materials
  • Instructional videos
  • Audio tracks
  • Personal videoed feedback session from James Bowden
  • Two Zoom sessions




*Please note that once payment is made no refunds can be issued.


This course is delivered by the school’s founder and creator of ‘The Process – the secret to truthful acting.’, James Bowden