Conditions of Enrolment – Adult Acting

All Course Fees are payable in advance of the term/course to which they apply.

An application form must be completed and signed before the commencement of the term.

All fees must be paid in full unless paying by standing order or otherwise agreed .

Standing orders must be set up by an agreed date or fees will need to be paid in full.

Half a term’s notice, in writing, is required before a pupil is withdrawn or payment in lieu will be necessary. NB: This includes the beginning of every Autumn term after the Summer holidays where, if withdrawal of the student is necessary, notice must be given by the commencement of the Summer Term.

If a student/parent wishes to defer their/their child’s current termly attendance, they can do so providing that the deferral will be for the single proceeding term and if the student does not return by the beginning of the term following, the full term’s notice will still stand.

Any deposits or fees paid with regard to any course/classes provided are non-returnable unless cancelled by The School.

No remission of fees is possible for absence through illness or for any other cause. Neither will fees be carried over or used for other family members.

Students and parents/guardians agree not to disclose any information relating to the school’s teaching methods, techniques, business and affairs to any other third party.

Before lessons, between lessons and after lessons students are not the responsibility of The Dorset School of Acting who cannot accept responsibility for any student outside of these times.

Term fees do not include the provision of resources, such as play scripts, music, scores, cds or other such items which students are expected to provide for themselves. Any supplies provided by the Dorset School of Acting to a student will incur the necessary fee.

The School reserves the right to remove any pupil whose work or conduct, in their opinion, necessitates such a step and in such cases no fees or deposits will be repaid and any outstanding fees due in the respect of the class shall be paid.

The School cannot be liable for the cancellation of classes due to adverse weather conditions, fire or flood and as such cannot refund any fees for that period.

In relation to venues:

DRUGS AND INTOXICATING LIQUOR No drugs, other than drugs prescribed for medical reasons, are to be brought onto the premises. No intoxicating liquor is to be consumed on the premises under any circumstances. Students will not perform any performance or non-performance related tasks while under the influence of alcohol.

CONDUCT OF PERFORMANCES Students are obliged to carry out the performance as instructed by the Director and not deviate from said direction. No articles shall be thrown from the stage into the auditorium of the theatre.

DAMAGE The Student/ Parent/ Guardian shall be liable for and make good any damage done to any part of the venue, of any furniture fittings or fixtures scenery or other effects belonging to DSAYT/the venue caused by the act, omission, default caused by the individual student.

CLEANING The student shall be responsible for the removal of all their personal items, belongings and rubbish caused by them and ensuring that any unwanted material of any description is properly disposed of. Students/ Parents/ Guardians if necessary shall be liable for any additional cleaning required to restore the spaces occupied to their original condition.

DRESSING ROOMS & BACKSTAGE No alterations or additions shall be made to the lighting of the dressing rooms and no spirit stoves lamps candles or inflammable gas or spirit of any kind shall be brought onto the premises by the student.

NO UNAUTHORISED PERSONS IN STAGE AREA? All personnel and performers will enter and leave the venue through the Stage Door and will sign in and out accordingly. There will be no admission of any persons not actually connected with the production onto the stage nor into any backstage areas of the building (including the Dressing Rooms) during rehearsals or performances or at any other time.

The School may from time to time change the conditions for the benefit of the School.

Please Note

For all Acting Course Level 3 students there will be  one annual production which, nearer the time of performance will require strict rehearsals. We will inform students of the rehearsal schedule as early as possible and full commitment to these times and dates is required. There may be circumstances during the penultimate weeks before performance where rehearsals may run over or extra rehearsals may need to be called.