Not all performing arts training paths need to lead to London

So you have spent the last 4 years working away in your secondary school in Anytown, UK

and finally you are ready to take your next step towards your dream of becoming a professional performer. Naturally you want to leave the dreary life at Anytown as far behind you as you can and train in the bright lights of the wondrous city that is London. You want the excitement of a big sprawling city, access to Theatreland and the West End, the chance to be spotted and be propelled into the dream role and rub shoulders with the rich and famous…why not? There are plenty of acting courses and drama schools that will audition you and offer you 1 year courses, at great cost, and then let you fend for yourself and deal with the ‘joys’ of high living costs without thinking about your personal well being and quality of life, after all you are at the home of the best acting schools in the UK. The thing is that there is another way! There are a number of 1 yr acting courses all over the country, in equally exciting cities and towns, that can offer you a course that is as good if not better for your development as a professional performer. There are a great deal of drama schools in the regions who have smaller numbers and therefore are able to offer you a training that is more suited for you and they care about you. The other advantages are that they are invariably cheaper and living costs are a fraction of those in ‘the Big Smoke’. So before you tie your knotted hanky to a stick and jump aboard the Megabus heading towards London hoping to find the streets paved with gold, just do a google search for Drama Schools near me or 1yr diploma courses or sixth form vocational courses and see what opportunities there are to train all over the country and even in your own town that you never knew existed. Just remember, not all acting courses are created equal so be aware of the school’s graduate success rates and whether they got into RADA, LAMDA, Royal Central, Rose Bruford, Guildhall, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Arts Ed, ALRA, Mountview etc.

The Dorset School of Acting’s 1 year Diploma Course in Acting & Musical Theatre is based on the first year of a BA Acting and prepares it’s students for all the aspects of auditioning for accredited Drama Schools. DSA also run a fully funded 2 yr Sixth Form vocational course in Acting.

Check out the courses at:

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